Ducati and Scrambler Tool Kits

DESMO Tool Rental

Ducati  and Scrambler

 D.I.Y  simplified

Valve Adjustment Kit

The specialty tools and instructions to measure and adjust  Ducati valve clearance. 

Shim kit

A shim kit is included to make Ducati valve adjustments quickly. All shims in the kit are brand new. Shims used/swapped from the kit will incur a $12 per shim charge.


Included in the tool kit: Ducati Engine Turning Tool, Digital Electronic Caliper, Digital Electronic Micrometer, Valve Depressing Tool, Feeler Gauge, Clamps (to secure the valves) Closing Shim Measurement Tool, and a Magnet to remove the half-rings. For the Desmo-Quattro motors, a slide hammer is provided to remove the rocker pins when changing shims.

Shim Kit-7mm or 8mm shim kit provides an assortment of opening and closing  shims to adjust your Ducati valves and bring them back into specification. Please don’t forget to tell us the year and model of your Ducati. NOTE-  Shims used will be charged $12.00 per shim taken from from the deposit. We do not want your old shims and will not accept your old/used shims.


All listed prices include delivery to you and return postage


Rental Price $ 99.95 +  Refundable Deposit $400 ($499.95 total)


MINOR SERVICE Valve Adjustment And SHIMS