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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time allowed to have the tools?

The typical rental period is four (4) weeks. This is enough time to complete the maintenance and gives allowances for unforeseen circumstances (lost/broken parts).  We would prefer to have the tools returned and are always willing to work with your particular circumstances. Tools and kits not returned  are considered "kept" and the deposit is retained.

Are there additional charges for shipping?

No. The price you see includes shipping to you and a pre-paid label to use when the tools are returned.

​Where do the tools come from?

The tools kits are assembled from a variety of known suppliers that provide quality tools at a reasonable price. Tools are changed regularly (i.e.- feeler gauges) to provide reliable performance for your maintenance needs. Extra batteries are always included with the measuring tools to ensure interruptions are minimized.

Where do the shims come from?

The shims come from two sources: Ducati and EMS.

​DucatiToolRental.com is a garage based business and in no way affiliated with Ducati SPA or Ducati North America. I am not an authorized Ducati Mechanic: I am a full time rider and a part time wrench-er. I get great satisfaction from riding my Ducati motorcycles and performing maintenance and upgrades.

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