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We are here to help you maintain your Ducati

What our customers say:

...This project was made substantially easier with your kits

– Mike N.

...The tools were wonderful - it was really nice to be able to do it myself, save a lot of  dealership charges and learn about my bike in the process.

-  Dan K.

…without your service, my husband would have probably sold his Ducati by now!

– Kris L.

Ducati motorcycles are a perfect blend of form, function, and imagination. Ducati owners love the enjoyment of riding a precision motorcycle. To keep the enjoyment through the life of the motorcycle, periodic maintenance is necessary.​

If you are a person who enjoys  working on your own motorcycle, but the initial investment in the special tools required has prevented you from doing your own work, we're here to help you to the next level of Ducati ownership: affordable maintenance.

Here you will find the tools and advice necessary to adjust your valves, change your clutch or chain and replace and tension the belts correctly.

DesmoToolRental.com is a garage based business and in no way affiliated with Ducati SPA or Ducati North America. I am not an authorized Ducati Mechanic: I am a full time rider and a part time wrench-er. I get great satisfaction from riding my Ducati motorcycles and performing maintenance and upgrades.

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