Ducati and Scrambler Tool Kits

DVT Service Kit

​The specialty tools to measure and adjust the Ducati DVT valve clearances and replace belts.

Tool Kit: Ducati Engine Turning Tool, Digital Electronic Caliper, Digital Electronic Micrometer, Feeler Gauge, Clamps (to secure the valves) , and a Magnet to remove the half-rings.

Shim Kit: Later 4 Valve Shim Kit provides a tailored assortment of opening and closing  shims to adjust your Ducati valves and bring them back into specification.

Kit includes a closing shim measuring tool.

NOTE- Shims used will be charged $12.00 per shim from the deposit. Please retain your old/used shims.

Belt Tensioning Tool: A TEXA TTC (the tool used by Ducati) belt tension measuring tool to set the tension on your Ducati belts correctly. A pair of new Fuji nuts and wave washers are included. 

DVT Specific Tools:  T.D.C Control Gauge, the Reaction Tool (camshafts), and the Crankshaft Reset and Locking Tool.

All listed prices include delivery to you and return postage.

Rental Price $ 169.95 +  Refundable Deposit* $500 ($669.95 total).

* Deposits are typically refunded the same day tools return to us.

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