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 D.I.Y  simplified


This link cannot be joined together with a Connecting Link (Master Link)​

​The ends of the Chain should look like this To join with a Connecting Link!

5. Thread the Cutting Pin Pressure Bolt into the Large Pressure Bolt and tighten by hand until contact with the chain pin. Verify alignment of all parts.

3. Position the chain to be cut (or position the tool onto the existing chain) Align the chain in the tool so the pin being pushed is centered in the tail piece and the pressure bolt opening.


DO NOT CUT MASTER LINK!  - This is how a factory Master Link appears.  Do not cut this link: damage to the tool will result.


If you are cutting a new chain to length, be sure to remove the chain pin that will leave you with an inner side plate as the end of the chain. A connecting link can only be installed onto inner side plates.

Using a 14mm wrench (or a ratchet/socket combination), tighten the Cutting Pin PressureBolt until the chain pin is pushed completely through the side plates (pin will fall out of the cutting tool piece).

Here is the pin being pushed through.


Many modern motorcycles have the chain running through the swing arm or otherwise configured so you have to break (remove a link pin) the chain. If you can remove the chain without breaking it, great, but you will still have to cut the new chain to length so these instructions are applicable too.

Secure you bike on a paddock stand, a center stand, or a side stand. It helps to put your bike in first gear to keep it secure for installing and using the RK Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chain Tool. Open the tool kit you’ve received and assemble the tool to “break” the chain.Type your paragraph here.

1.  Install the chain cutting tool piece into the tool body.

2.  Install the Large Pressure Bolt into the opposite side of the tool body.


DO NOT CUT MASTER LINK!  - This is how a factory Master Link appears.  Do not cut this link: damage to the tool will result.

4. Using a 17mm wrench (or socket, snug up the large pressure bolt so that the chain is held firmly in place and the pin that is going to be pushed is centered in large pressure bolt and Chain Cutting Tool Tailpiece openings.
The first few turns will be very hard as the riveted edges on the chain pin are pushed through the side plate. If it seems exceptionally hard, check the alignment of the chain pin with the hole in the end of the large pressure bolt. You will feel tension initially as the chain tool begins to push the pin though the hole then it should continue to tighten smoothly. If the chain pin does not start to break free and the effort to turn the wrench increases to nearly impossible, back out the alignment bolt just enough to verify the breaking tip is correctly lined up with the chain pin. If the alignment is correct reset the alignment bolt and continue applying pressure. Do not use air tools or wrench extensions (cheater pipes) because you will damage and or break the tool.

CHAIN Replacement


The purpose of replacing the chain is so you can ride thousands of trouble free miles without being stranded in the wild. The chain is your life line of forward motion and requires care and maintenance to keep rolling at a great pace. Motorcycle chain replacement isn’t difficult, but must be accomplished correctly to ensure operator safety and reliable operation of the motorcycle. Here is the proper sequence of motorcycle chain replacement using the RK Heavy Duty Chain Tool (Rented from Ducatitoolrental.com).  This is a heavy duty motorcycle chain tool and can easily accomplish the job and save you money over having a dealer replace your motorcycle chain.

If you have decided to replace your motorcycle sprockets too, please refer to the service manual for your specific model for detailed motorcycle sprocket replacement instructions. The following steps assume you’ve replaced the sprockets or determined the existing ones are serviceable.

Here is a list of recommended items to have on hand prior to beginning:

  • RH Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chain Tool
  • Motorcycle Chain
  • Master link (rivet type strongly recommended)
  • Motorcycle Chain Cleaner (WD-40, Gunk, Kerosene, your favorite)
  • Rags/Paper towels
  • Wrenches (for Motorcycle chain tension adjustment)
  • Center stand, side stand, or paddock stand
  • 14MM Wrench
  • 17MM Wrench

  • A chain should be cleaned and lubricated about every 200 miles or so. Some of the newer motorcycle swing arm designs make changing a motorcycle chain a very laborious process, so it pays to keep the chain clean and lubricated to help make it last as long as possible. Correct chain adjustment is also crucial to the longevity of your motorcycle's chain, but is covered in a later section. A clean motorcycle chain and sp rockets allow for proper visual inspection. What is the best way to clean a motorcycle chain? Many recommend using kerosene and a brush. Kerosene is one of many cleaners available: excellent results can be obtained using any of several spray chain cleaners. Gunk engine bright is a form of Kerosene in a can.

    Choose your cleaner. Sometimes it is a matter of personal choice so grab the preferred one and start cleaning. In addition to your favorite cleaner an assortment of brushes and rags is essential. Pictured with the brushes is a cookie sheet to help contain the mess of cleaning a motorcycle chain. Newspaper is also a good way to catch the drips.