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 D.I.Y  simplified

Now it is all loose and ready to wipe off. Some spray cleaners (Motrax and Motoul chain cleaners) can be rinsed off with a hose, but you still should wipe the chain down to complete the job.

A clean chain and sprocket ready for inspection. Remember to let dry before lubricating.

A Grunge Brush is terrific for getting the back-side and bottom of the chain.

An old tooth brush can help in those hard-to-reach areas.

Don’t forget to get the “grunge-line” off the sprocket.

The downside of using kerosene: a mess. The cookie sheet (or newspaper) can help contain the mess. Even with spray cleaners, it is easy to spray beyond the chain or sprocket and coat tires, wheels, and brakes with cleaner. Be sure to wipe it off of everything!

Start by wiping off the loose stuff.
Pour a little kerosene of chain cleaner into a pan.
Dip the brush into the cleaner and apply to chain and sprocketBe patient:
​let the cleaner have a chance to work

The chain might appear clean; the “grunge-line” on the sprocket reveals the truth: the buildup of dirt and dried lubricant t acts as an abrasive on the metal components.

CHAIN Replacement


A chain should be cleaned and lubricated about every 200 miles or so. Some of the newer motorcycle swing arm designs make changing a motorcycle chain a very laborious process, so it pays to keep the chain clean and lubricated to help make it last as long as possible. Correct chain adjustment is also crucial to the longevity of your motorcycle's chain, but is covered in a later section. A clean motorcycle chain and sp rockets allow for proper visual inspection.What is the best way to clean a motorcycle chain? Many recommend using kerosene and a brush. Kerosene is one of many cleaners available: excellent results can be obtained using any of several spray chain cleaners. Gunk engine bright is a form of Kerosene in a can.

Choose your cleaner. Sometimes it is a matter of personal choice so grab the preferred one and start cleaning. In addition to your favorite cleaner an assortment of brushes and rags is essential. Pictured with the brushes is a cookie sheet to help contain the mess of cleaning a motorcycle chain. Newspaper is also a good way to catch the drips.